Efficient order picking plays a key role in busy distribution facilities because maintaining fast, accurate picking rates is essential to the success of the business in what is a highly competitive industry. The Linde range of order pickers is designed to match the challenge by offering that competitive edge. The unique design concept places the operator at the front with the battery behind to minimise the number of movements the operator has to make during an intensive picking cycle, resulting in faster pick rates without operator fatigue. For added versatility there are masted versions of this outstanding model to enable double decker picking as well as an initial lift masted version which is able to operate over ramps and loading docks. With its superbly functional Linde twin-grip steering control replacing the conventional tiller, a perfect interface between operator and truck is achieved. All operating controls are integrated in the head of the twin grip steering control for intuitive use with either hand. The twin grip electric steering is also self centring which save vital seconds moving between pick locations.This outstanding series sets a new benchmark for low level order picker design to meet the needs of modern businesses in a constantly changing and demanding environment.

Unique Linde twin-grip steering and chassis design ensures that no part of operator’s body is exposed outside its contours at any time. Steel front shield and twin-grip hand guard provide additional protection.The front driving position affords optimum visibility for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Efficiency on the job is the truck’s true strength.powered by a 3kW AC motor, it rapidly accelerates to maximum spee (12km/h unladen). Four-point suface contact ensures high stability and the OptiLift® control ensures high precision and productivity in order picking and pallet handling applicaions.

A perfect interface between operator and truck is assured with the new Linde N series design concept. The unique Linde twin-grip steering control system with all operating controls grouped on the twin-grip head, combines with a cushioned platform and profiled scoop seat to provide the operator with a superbly comfortable working environment.

Consistent reliability in demanding applications is assured with the Linde N series. Its sturdy mast and compact, robot welded chassis ensures maximum structural integrity and durability. The rugged structure and components provide a low centre of gravity for excellent stability

Efficiency at work, efficiency in servicing. With uptime ratios of up to 1000 hours between services and a computerised diagnostic system, maintenance intervals are minimal and operating costs are reduced. Easy accessibility of all components and the maintenance free AC technology employed play an additional part in maximising uptime.

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Model Load capacity/Load Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Turning radius Travel speed, with/without load
N20Li 1.2 / 2.0 (t) 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah) 2445 (mm) 10 / 12 (km/h)
N20L 1.2 (t) 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah) 2236 (mm) 10 / 12 (km/h)

LC: Load capacity/ Load
BC: Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
TR: Turning radius
TS: Travel speed, with/ without load

N20Li 1.2 / 2.0 (t) 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah) 2445 (mm) 10 / 12 (km/h)
N20L 1.2 (t) 24 / 375 (V)/(Ah) 2236 (mm) 10 / 12 (km/h)