The highly adaptable Linde four wheel electric platform tractor series W 20 has the dual capability of carrying a 2 tonne load on the platform and towing a nominal 4.5 tonne trailer load. The automotive layout of the cushioned operator’s cabin provides an excellent working environment and energy saving on-demand hydrostatic power steering enables impressive manoeuvrability in confined areas. Developed to provide a versatile solution in a wide variety of applications such as distribution, manufacturing, postal services and fruit markets the W 20 is ideal for an almost infinite range of specialised adaptations in the global markets.

The heavy duty chassis and cab module provide assured protection for the operator while three independent braking systems deliver responsive stopping power for all situations including automatic speed control descending gradients. A low centre of gravity ensures outstanding stability.

With the dual capability carrying 2 tonne on the platform and towing nominal loads of 4.5 tonne, the W 20 offers flexible high performance which is optimised by the Linde digital AC control system that provides precise, energy saving control of acceleration and speed for high productivity.

A low step facilitates access to spacious operator’s cabin where the automotive layout of the pedals, direction lever, steering wheel and controls, together with a fully adjustable suspension seat provides a comfortable and fatigue-free working environment. Cab suspension dampers and a spring damped suspension system front and rear ensures superb levels of driving comfort.

Designed for intensive heavy duty applications the rugged, robot-welded chassis is constructed from heavy section steel plate for optimum torsional stiffness and rounded corners for high resistance to impacts. All key components are protected within the chassis while electronic components are housed in sealed aluminium enclosures for assured reliability and long life.

Two powerful, high torque 2.5 kW AC drive motors provide impressive pulling and carrying power for a variety of applications. The energy saving Linde AC digital controller combined with excellent manoeuvrability and an intuitive interface between the operator and tractor, translates that power into versatile, seamless performance and high productivity.

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Model Load capacity/Load Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Turning radius Travel speed, with/without load
W20 (2600) 2.0 (t) 80 / 320 (V)/(Ah) 3280 (mm) 15 / 20 – 20 / 25 (km/h)
W20 (2200) 2.0 (t) 80 / 320 (V)/(Ah) 3280 (mm) 15 / 20 – 20 / 25 (km/h)

LC: Load capacity/ Load
BC: Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
TR: Turning radius
TS: Travel speed, with/ without load

W20 (2600) 2.0 (t) 80 / 320 (V)/(Ah) 3280 (mm) 15 / 20 – 20 / 25 (km/h)
W20 (2200) 2.0 (t) 80 / 320 (V)/(Ah) 3280 (mm) 15 / 20 – 20 / 25 (km/h)